Rainer elevates your cyber preparedness forged through an arsenal of services:

  • Define a security strategy and roadmap tailored to your unique needs
  • Assessments and testing to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities for reinforcement 
  • Governance that works with, not handcuffing, your people, processes and assets 
  • Preparation and adoption of shielding measures for an ever-growing number of endpoint devices, networks, systems, clouds, end-users and supply chain partners 
  • Collectively raising awareness by equipping staff through knowledge and training, and fortifying those responsible for cyber operations with ‘behind enemy lines’ thinking 

Specifically, we deliver vigilance in: 

Assessments and Testing

security and risk assessments; technical CVAs; pen testing; road maps; web apps


policies/guideline development/reviews; risk management program development/assessment; incident response plans; preparing for cyber insurance; privacy


from general user awareness training to best practice implementation training