About Us

Our warriors have been actively engaging in cyber warfare for more than 20 years. Their understanding of the systems and assets you are working to protect comes from firsthand experience of building and working with those systems – understanding the functionality, limitations and criticality of their operations. 

It is not enough for our team to ‘just do’, one of our fundamental principles is to share collective knowledge to encourage and enable those we work with to rise and battle. 


A trusted partner in an evolving cyber environment


Rainer elevates clients’ confidence in their cyber security posture through risk-based, tailored solutions


  • Elevate through knowledge transfer
  • Pride, integrity, honesty in everything we do
  • Respectful relationships
  • Always listening
  • Affordable and obtainable solutions

Rainer’s cyber warriors are here to empower you and your team take an active stance – to fortify and protect, to engage when necessary and to rise in triumph.